Made it to the VW Spring Fling in Madera this last weekend.
Had a great time cruzing with the gang and hanging out with all the great VW’s
My Bus made it with out to much trouble!


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Brew Fest

Darrell and I went to a brew fest awhile back with our busses. It was a small turn out with only a few VW’s. Had a good time anyway!


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I’m Still Alive!

Well I haven’t updated the site in a long time. Not many visitors anyway. The domain name was going to expire and I had to renew it. I decided to check in.

A little update on my bus. I was having starter problems. Real slow, dragging starts. Sounded just like I had a dead battery. Well the battery is new and I had it tested. I checked the ground and all connections. Hell i even checked the starter key switch. Come to find out that the re-maned starters you can get at Auto Zone suck. I’m not the only one to have problems with them. So just a reminder to everyone looking for a starter. spend a few more dollars and get a good Bosh starter.

Oh and one other thing. I have a 6v tranny and use a 12v starter so in order to get them to work you need a different starter bushing. they make one for this application. 6v to 12v!

Come to find out that the crappy Auto Zone starter had worn my bushing out into an oval shape and so the starter gear was off center and then would grind on the flywheel. So i am now in the process of putting in a new bushing. I am just waiting for it to come in the mail. Should get it Friday. I’m not looking forward to taking the motor out to replace the bushing.


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Took My Bus home

I took my Bus home so the Insurance agent could take photographs of it. Ill take it back to the shop to get a few more bugs worked out.

Ohh Post # 56!


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Painted and on the ground!

More work done on my Bus.

I ordered up a bunch of parts. Door parts and seals. I still need the bumpers and seat covers but they should be here soon.


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Well looks like my Bus might get some paint soon. The windows are taped up and the tires are covered. Paint is just a few days away!

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